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What is wrong with people?

Posted on 14 February 2012 by Spitfire

A Florida mother was arrested for leaving her five year old son in a Gamestop for an hour while she went shopping elsewhere in the mall. Now, I don’t have children but something about that strikes me as very wrong… You had children, now take care of them. Hey power abusing government… when can we instate pre-intercourse IQ tests?

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  1. Chris Says:

    Damn, 5 years old? That’s a bit young. She should have the kid taken away.

  2. ckelly811 Says:

    Depends if they were able to demo games. My kids forget about me when Super Mario Bros Wii is on.

  3. Spitfire Says:

    That’s understandable, in my opinion, when you’re at home or at a babysitter/friend’s home. But when you’re in a public store in a mall and leave the kid alone for close to an hour? The kid is 5 years old, not 15.

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