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The Safety Valve

Posted on 13 February 2008 by Ed Z

Here is scenario: Obama wins the nomination based on slogans, slick YouTube
videos, and the fact that right now, he isn’t Hillary Clinton.

He says nothing, he stands for nothing and truly, he has accomplished nothing
that makes him qualified to run the country. Hot
Air recently highlighted an Obama focus group that could barely form sentences
when asked to name one of his accomplishments

Hope and Change. That’s it.

So, what happens when more Democrats start
to think like Dawn

Obama is untested to say the
least. He’s 40, has won exactly one statewide election -where his
opponent was a transplant from another state – and he didn’t even
give a crap about that job enough to so much as finish a half of
it before he decides no running the United States is what he’d be
better at.

The safety valve.

An associate of mine brought to my attention the enduring myth that
Democratic delegates are "bound on the first ballot". They
are not
. So, come convention time, if Obama’s hollow act is played out and
his numbers versus McCain are suffering, you might see Hillary come in to save
the day. Would there be any better script for her? There is no doubt in my mind
that she and her cronies will be working behind the scenes to put this into

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