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Robert Spencer Responds to al-Qaeda Invitation

Posted on 06 September 2006 by Ed Z

The recent
jihadi propaganda video
starring American al-Qaeda, Adam Gadahn, has him
presenting a convert-or-die proposition for Americans. In it he names some
enemies and extends the offer personally, one of them being Robert Spencer of Jihad
.  Read part of his response below:

Thank you for your
invitation to me to become a Muslim and wield my sword against the
enemies of Allah. But I’m afraid I must decline. While I
appreciate the fact that becoming your "brother in
Islam" might afford me a measure of personal security that I
do not enjoy today, some things are more important than that. I
cannot and will not give in to violent intimidation, come what
may, and I do not want to live in a society that bows to such

Spencer also offers a invitation of his own:

I invite you to accept the
Bill of Rights, and enter into the brotherhood of Thomas Jefferson
and James Madison. My invitation does not focus on my religion,
although I invite you to that also, but rather on a framework
within which people of differing faiths can live in peace,
harmony, and mutual respect – provided that none of the groups
involved cherishes supremacist ambitions to subjugate the others.


Mr. Spencer, just keep doing what you’re doing.


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  1. Fawkes Says:

    Have you ever looked at the CNN picture of Al-Zawahiri, where he praises insurgents in a video? Do you think that the symbol found on the background drapes is a subtle message to those in the know?

  2. Ed Z Says:

    Are you in the know?
    How does this relate to the post?

  3. Fawkes Says:

    Adam Gadahn’s real name seems to be Adam Pearlman, son of musician Phil Pearlman. We are to believe Adam’s story goes something like this…teenaged son rebels from hippie parents, listens to death metal, then flees the countryside to live with grandparents. His grandfather, Carl Kenneth Pearlman, is on the board of directors of the Anti-Defamation League. From Carl Pearlman’s obituary ( “He devoted much time to YMCA in Santa Ana. In an effort to aid the plight of world Jewry in the post-war years, he became the first chairman in Orange County of the Bonds for Israel and served as chairman for the United Jewish Welfare Fund.
    He served with the Jewish Family Service and the Nursing Home Advisory Committee. He was a member of the board of directors of the Anti-Defamation League and was an honoree of the National Conference of Christians and Jews (now known as the National Conference for Community and Justice).” Adam, almost immediately, decides to join a mosque? He then assaults the director of the mosque (,2933,137087,00.html), and is seen hanging out with ‘radical’ Muslims. Sounds rather dodgy, doesn’t it? His confused background, with a detour through heavy metal, his moving in with his grandparents (grandfather on the ADL board), his immediate ‘conversion’ to Islam and association with ‘radical’ Muslims. Its brilliant, but dodgy.

  4. Ed Z Says:

    So it’s all a sham. It’s the Jooooos. And you say you’re not a conspiracy theroist.

  5. Fawkes Says:

    Brilliant, simply brilliant! You have the American penchant for the dramatic. In the meantime, it has not escaped my notice that you haven’t denied Adam Pearlman’s Jewish heritage, AND you prove to me that you recognize the symbol on the drapes behind Al-Zawahiri as that being the six pointed “Star of David” found on the flag of Israel. Instead of speculating on why there would be an obvious Zionist symbol behind Al-qeida’s #2 man and that the only american citizen to be convicted of treason happens to be the grandson of a card carrying member of the ultrazionist ADL, you dismiss me as a “conspiracy kook”? Can it be that you have no comment, or better yet all comments you have lead you down a road, in your mind, best not followed? Its obvious you dont want to talk about it so i shall let it go. Cheers!

  6. Ed Z Says:

    I’ll let your own words display your frame of mind.
    Does all your material come directly from

  7. Ed Z Says:

    Regarding your Star of David claim:
    As poster missed_gear said on the thread, “If you want it to be a “Star of David” than it will be…but you may risk jumping to self desired conclusions.” And it is quite obvious what yours are.

  8. Fawkes Says:

    Fair enough, I stand corrected on the Al-Zawahiri photo. Good piece of evidence that. Something I really sunk my teeth into. Not just a blanket dismissal. Now can you disspell the jew-boy turns Al-Qeida, evidence?

  9. Ed Z Says:

    “Jew-boy”? Every word you type reveals more and more about you.
    What amazes me is that you spout wild speculation without doing your own homework. Why should I continue to do your work?
    The onus is on you to prove your claims. All you’ve done is given some of his past and since you don’t like the result you think it is….wait for it…..wait for it….. dodgy.

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