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Mets to Name New Park?

Posted on 10 November 2006 by Ed Z

Matthew Cerrone over at MetsBlog
is reporting that the New York Mets may be naming their new stadium Monday. The
stadium is set to open in 2009 and while I’ll be happy to see the Mets in their
new abode, I’ll miss Shea’s grotesque appeal. I have so many great memories
there but I look forward to the new ones


So far, nobody has leaked the new name but as Matthew’s post points out,
someone mentioned CitiField.

Since the announcement of a new stadium, I hoped MetLife would buy the
rights. MetLife Park, Met Field… it just makes sense.

Let me know what you’d like to see as the new name. Also, what do you think
is the worst name in current MLB parks? I vote for U.S. Cellular Field, home of
the Chicago White Sox.


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  1. Grim Says:

    Maybe Comedy Central will get their hand’s on it and name it South Park.

  2. prying1 Says:

    Sometimes corporations naming stadiums and auditoriums and such works out well.
    I can think of The Forum in Inglewood, CA which became The Great Western Forum When bought by a bank. It was at one time a wonderful place for basketball, hockey, concerts and such. A church bought the property and one day the city is going to pull eminent domain on it. Locals still call it the Forum and always have.
    Edison (electric company) International Field was OK but they changed the name to Angel Stadium of Anaheim. – I still call it Edison Field. – So it goes…
    I just hope they don’t have egotistical fools naming the new Met home. Names have a way of sticking in spite of the powers that be changing them…

  3. Ed Z Says:

    Looks like it is official: CitiField per

    I’ve always been partial to non-corporation names, but I understand that is just the nature of the beast now. And CitiField isn’t that bad.
    Like others have said, just pick a name and stick with it.

  4. morpheus Says:

    Shea it ain’t so!
    Eh, Citifield isn’t too bad. Better than Minute Maid Park.

  5. Ed Z Says:

    Somehow with all the suspicion of juicing, Minute Maid Park seems appropriate.

  6. morpheus Says:


  7. Ed Z Says:

    Thank you folks, you’ve been great! Don’t forget to tip your waitresses!

  8. Grim Says:

    I don’t get it…..

  9. Ed Z Says:

    Is this thing on? This is it folks, I don’t dance…

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