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It doesn’t get much dumber than this

Posted on 08 February 2012 by Chris

Denver Broncos running back Knowshon Moreno was arrested in Denver yesterday for driving 70 miles per hour in an interstate construction zone.  The speed limit was 45 miles per hour.

Pretty stupid, right?

Haha, just you wait.  It gets better.

Moreno was driving without proof of insurance.

Not done yet.  Moreno was also driving his Bentley convertible with a license plate that said “SAUCED” on it.  Are you kidding me?  That’s like begging a police officer to pull you over.  The only plates worse than that might have been “IMDRUNK”, or maybe “HIGH247″,  ”F POLICE”, and “ARRST ME”.

Idiot.   The best part is that he’s about to wash out of the league because he can’t stay healthy.  He’s lucky he didn’t crash the car and jack up his legs to the point where he can’t even play anymore.

Haven’t enough Denver players died or gotten in trouble with the law in recent years?  Are these players losing their minds up in the high altitude and thin air?  Broncos kicker Matt Prater got in trouble with a DUI of his own last August.  Cornerback Perrish Cox roofied up some broad and had it his way, and got charged with 2 counts of sexual assault.  Linebacker DJ Williams was pulled over drunk in late 2010.  D-Lineman Richard Quinn was arrested for harassment related to domestic violence.  Brandon Marshall had a DUI of double the legal limit back in 08 as well as a domestic violence charge around that time.  And of course, Darrent Williams was shot dead in a drive-by in downtown Denver on January 1st, 2007.  If I played for the Broncos I wouldn’t leave my damn hotel room.

Anyway, the stupidity that transpired today with Knowshon Moreno is just another in a long line of Broncos player problems.  Maybe it’s just Denver.

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  1. Ed Z Says:

    Personally I think it is more an NFL issue. Unfortunately, when the league is a money making machine the character of its inhabitants aren’t of importance.

    They’re good at making the highlight reel by crucifying one individual, see Michael Vick or Plaxico Burress, but they use those to placate the fans and media while all this other nonsense goes on.

  2. Chris Says:

    Indeed. Most teams value talent over character, so we will most likely continue to see this. Plus these guys think they are above the law. Who drives without insurance, let alone speeds? He clearly thinks he can get off easy by giving a police officer an autograph or simply telling him “who he is.”

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