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Google willing to pay to spy on you?

Posted on 13 February 2012 by Chris

Apparently Google is willing to shell out $25 a year to anyone willing to let them track their every move on the web.  Sorry, $25 in 5 separate $5 Amazon gift cards.  That just doesn’t cut it for me.  Some of you may be interested in the free dough, but I don’t really care to let Google watch me surf the web for that piddly amount of money.  Make it a c-note and maybe I’m interested.  Money talks.

Google is introducing a system to monitor all online activity of those who participate in a program called Screenwise. In exchange for unrestricted access to information on your every online move, the search and software giant is offering financial compensation.

By signing up for Screenwise and installing a browser plugin (only Google Chrome is supported at present), you’ll be given $5 in store credit on Amazon. For every three months you continue to provide Google with browsing data, you’ll earn an addition $5 gift card, up to a total of $25. Only those over 13 can participate and, perhaps not surprisingly, signups are currently on hold due to overwhelming interest.

So a bunch of people are interested.  Just isn’t enough money for me to say ‘sure’ to being followed around the web.  Sure, they might be doing it to me now and I wouldn’t know about it (I use Google Chrome for everything) but $25 in $5 installments just doesn’t make it worthwhile in my opinion.


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