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The Ultimate Rubber Chicken

The Ultimate Rubber Chicken

Posted on 29 July 2009 by Ed Z

Classic.  You
can’t get a better rubber chicken than this

Facing the first real rough patch of his presidency, President Obama and his
supporters are once again resorting to a tried-and-true tactic: attacking George
W. Bush and Dick Cheney.

In his White House press conference last week, Mr. Obama referred to the Bush
era at least nine times, three times lamenting that he "inherited" a
$1.3 trillion debt that has set back his administration’s efforts to fix the

With the former president lying low in Dallas, largely focused on crafting
his memoirs, Mr. Obama has increasingly attempted to exploit Mr. Bush when
discussing the weak economy, the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan and the difficulty
closing the military prison at U.S. Naval Base Guantanamo Bay, Cuba.

As he took power, Mr. Obama promised a "new era of responsibility"
that would transcend partisan politics.

"For a guy who campaigned on taking responsibility and looking forward,
he spends an awful lot of time pointing fingers and looking backward," said
former Bush deputy press secretary Tony Fratto, who has begun defending the
previous administration.

But the money quote comes from Democrat strategist Liz Chadderdon:

Voters have short memories. The administration needs to remind people that
things were way worse over the last four years than in the last six months.

You hear that voters, you have short memories and you need to be reminded of
how bad things were.  Reminded over and over until a falsehood becomes


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Rubber Chicken Alert: Megan Fox

Rubber Chicken Alert: Megan Fox

Posted on 08 June 2009 by Ed Z

I know, I know.  I haven’t posted anything in a while.  While I
have been busy, I’ll confess it more laziness or perhaps a case of the blogging
blahs.  But what could be better help you snap out of a funk than a good
‘ole Rubber

If memory serves, this is the first post-Bush rubber chicken entry.  Not
that there haven’t been any, (just turn on the television or read a paper) but I
suppose the definition has changed slightly.

During the Bush presidency, just mentioning his name in a disparaging way was
enough to get your rubber chicken waving but now some of the alternative targets
have come front and center to take the heat.  Transformers star Megan Fox
covers most of them in a recent interview (via

When asked how she would
stop the ruthless Megatron from demolishing the world, Fox first
said that she would “barter with him.” She then, however, went
on to say, “… and instead of the entire planet, can you just
take out all of the white trash, hillbilly, anti-gay, super
bible-beating people in Middle America?"

Wait, was that before or after they purchase tickets to Transformers 2?

According to IMDB, Megan
Fox was born in Tennessee and, at the age of 10, moved to Florida.  Maybe
those 10 years in Tennessee were awful?  Sounds like a girl who hates where
she came from and couldn’t wait to run off to Hollywood.

Either way, a rubber chicken indeed.

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Rubber Chicken Alert: Will Smith

Rubber Chicken Alert: Will Smith

Posted on 25 June 2008 by Ed Z

It is a textbook example of a Rubber
; Will
Smith, while promoting his latest movie I won’t see, let this quote loose

You know I just, I just came
back from Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris and it’s the first,
I’ve been there quite a few times in the past five to 10 years.
And it just hasn’t been a good thing to be American. And this is
the first time, since Barack has gotten the nomination, that it,
it was a good thing.

So Will, for the first time in 10 years it is good to be American?

has Will ranked #11 in its list of top 100 celebrities
for 2008 earning an
estimated $80 million for the year.  In 2007
he was ranked #57
earning $31 million, in 2006
ranked #49
with $25 million and in 2005
he was ranked #13
earning $35 million.

Pulling in $171 million over the past four years, I’d say American life has
been pretty good to Mr. Smith.  Maybe that little dip between 2005 and 2006
is what he’s talking about?  Oh the humanity!

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Celebrity September 11 Conspiracy Club

Posted on 06 March 2008 by Ed Z

Rubber Chickens
abound!  The Washington Times takes a look at the growing Celebrity
September 11 Conspiracy Club
.  But as the article points out, there is
barely a blink when one Hollywood’s own spews this nonsese.  Possibly
because anything that is anti Bush is ok by them.

Yet in a liberal Hollywood
where to express skepticism about man-made global warming is to be
labeled — with all its obvious connotations — a
"denier," Miss Cotillard’s insinuation that the U.S.
government was complicit — by its silence, if nothing else —
in the destruction of the Twin Towers and the murder of 3,000
people has elicited nary a peep in condemnation.

Where, one is compelled to
ask, is the outrage on the left?

The article quotes David Horowitz explaining that believing in
these conspiracy theories is an act of denial.  A conclusion I wrote about
a while back in my post, Conspiracy
Becomes Mainstream
.  In it I wrote:  It’s easier to believe
your government did this because you can vote them out of power, they can be
held accountable, you can scream, spit venom, and call for impeachments without
fear of retribution. It is easier to sleep at night when there really aren’t
fanatics waiting to blow your morning flight out of the sky.

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Rubber Chicken Alert

Rubber Chicken Alert

Posted on 29 September 2006 by Ed Z

Prior to a screening of his film "World Trade center", Oliver Stone
pulled out a rubber
blasting Bush and the war.  I’m sure they lapped it all up.

"From Sept. 12 on, the
incident (the attacks) was politicized and it has polarized the
entire world," said Stone. "It is a shame because it is
a waste of energy to see that the entire world five years later is
still convulsed in the grip of 9/11.

"It’s a waste of energy
away from things that do matter which is poverty, death, disease,
the planet itself and fixing things in our own homes rather than
fighting wars with others. Mr. Bush has set America back 10 years,
maybe more."


The other quote that caught my eye was Stone saying,
""I think that conspiracy-mongering on 9/11 is a waste of
time".  Let’s see how much time he wastes making a movie about 9/11
conspiracy theories, as has been the rumor.

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Rubber Chicken Alert

Rubber Chicken Alert

Posted on 25 September 2006 by Ed Z

Its origins are questionable, but simply put, the rubber
is just a comedy prop that has been around probably longer than the
whoopee cushion. The gag is so old the prop now represents hackneyed gags; when
in doubt pull out the rubber chicken for a guaranteed laugh.

So I have this theory about celebrities, which I suppose by my standards
includes actors, musicians, comedians, and authors (though their actually
celebrity status may be in question), that when desperate to get attention they
rely on their own rubber chicken – bashing Bush.

Are you’re an aspiring comedian or perhaps you’ve been around for a while but
your material is getting stale? Or are you a washed up musician in need of a hit
album or tour promotion? An actor looking to plug a new movie or a neophyte
looking to get in the door? All you need is a rubber chicken.

The latest Rubber Chicken is showing up at George
Michael’s latest tour
. Drudge was running a link to the story. Roger
Waters floated his
a few weeks ago, but he cleverly disguised it as a pig.
Even Burt Bacharach
whipped out his rubber chicken a while back.

Going forward, I’ll have a Rubber Chicken Alert when it makes an appearance.

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