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Assassination Attempt on Cheney & Left’s Reaction

Posted on 27 February 2007 by Ed Z

terrorists try and kill our Vice President
and some are disappointed they

Via Rush

RUSH: A friend of mine in
California sent me this copy of an instant message chat that he
had with a comedy writer of a prominent late-night American talk
show. He will not tell me which show, but he said, "You’re
free to use this. Just don’t try and figure out what show. I’m not
going to tell you what show it is. I’m not going to give you the
guy’s name. It’s probably more than one show anyway."


COMEDY WRITER: if cheney
wasnt such a p****–he’d get killed and bring some happiness to
the country and i would have a much needed day off bloated f***
cant do anything right

What does it say about the left, when they identify more with
jihadists, cheering their attempt and lamenting their failure?

Michelle Malkin has more on Assassination
chic, Cheney edition

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  1. Grue Says:

    Come on man, the guy is a comedy writer. He makes a living making reality (any reality) funny in the eyes of his audience. I’ve seen Pills Limbaugh call for the assassination of fellow Americans. They may be left-of-center but they are still Americans.

  2. Ed Z Says:

    While I understand your point, this was not a comedy skit, rather a conversation between two people where a true opinion was expressed.
    And this wasn’t an isolated incident. Lefties all over the country were upset over the assassinations failure. Don’t you think that only encourages the enemy?

  3. Grue Says:

    I don’t know what encourages the enemy, but word on the ground is that they were encouraged before, during and after that attack so I don’t see why you should get your panties in a stitch over it. He lived didn’t he? You shouldn’t personalizing their death wishes for DC, you’ll lose sleep needlessly.

  4. Ed Z Says:

    Obviously it doesn’t bother you that enemies try to kill our VP and Americans (not one, but many) cheer the attempt.
    Oh well.

  5. Grue Says:

    I know quite a few staunch Nixonian republicans that wouldn’t shed a tear for Cheney, in fact they will be lining up for his vacant office. The only thing that is obvious is that you’re a little green, possibly a new republican (born again?). You see everything as Us vs Them. That’s the wrong mentality. You have to connect the dots to see the interconnectedness of things. For example, take the democratic opposition leader for the presidency race in 2008, Hillary-Rodam Clinton. You probably hate that bitch and rightly so, but the reality is that she is really playing for our side, in a convoluted way. I know its tough when you hear their rhetoric, but what they say on the campaign trail and what they actually do while in office aren’t necessarily the same. Try to read between the lines, you might come out with a nugget of knowledge.

  6. Ed Z Says:

    I see everything us vs. them yet two sentences later you’re talking “opposition”, “bitch”, and “our side”?

  7. Grue Says:

    Have you donated any money to Limbaugh recently?

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