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A Proper Memorial

Posted on 26 October 2006 by Ed Z

An additional 18 pieces of human remains were discovered yesterday at
Ground Zero, pushing the grisly tally during a four-day search to 114, city
officials said. – New
York Daily News

On October 19, human remains were found at Ground Zero. Of the 2,749 people
killed on September 11, 1,150 have not been identified.

This past September marked the five year anniversary of the terrorist attack
also bringing criticism of the slow progress in building a proper memorial.
Commercials urge us to realize the time is right coupling that sentiment with
inviting your personal memories of that day. But in view of the recent
discoveries at the World Trade Center site, I wonder if the time is right.

I’ve long been in favor of a simple memorial to honor the lives lost. This is
hallowed ground, which still contains, as proved by recent findings, the remains
of the dead.

My vision is a memorial much like the World War II Normandy American Cemetery
and Memorial. I’d like to see headstones for everyone murdered that day,
treating the site as it truly is; a burial ground. It also captures the
magnitude of the event by visually displaying 2,749 symbols of a fallen loved

Many say that we need to rebuild the towers to show the terrorists we can’t
be defeated. However, the path to victory or defeat will not be traveled on the
height of a building, it is in the hearts of our children who must always
remember what happened on September 11, 2001.

I’d like to know what you think is an appropriate memorial.

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  1. Edward Sr. Says:

    I have always thought/hoped that the tribute created to honor those killed at the WTC on Sept 11th would be a National Cemetery. That cemetery to be erected at the site, surrounded by a park, where all could come any pay their respects and remember those fallen and the reason for their deaths.

  2. Grim Says:

    I think an accurate, scaled down version of the towers and a victim’s name in each window would be more fitting.
    If business is to be continued at and around the site, 2,749 identical stones might be a bit much for people to see on a daily basis

  3. morpheus Says:

    You know what would be appropriate at this point? Just about ANYTHING. It comes down to this, 9/11 has “changed the world”, yet its not important enough to have a memorial? It boggles the mind if you think about it.

  4. Grim Says:

    I agree,Morhpeus,but New York City has a long habit of doing one thing then soon after it is finished,redoing it. Spending twice sometimes three times as much. I say take your time(within reason) to get it right.

  5. Ed Z Says:

    It took almost 60 years to have a national WWII memorial. Nearly 8 years for a Vietnam memorial.
    And the USS Arizona Memorial, an event that mirrors 9/11 in some ways, was dedicated 19 years after the attack.
    I don’t think there should be a rush, just do it right.

  6. morpheus Says:

    Ok, then if we arent gonna rush about it, then lets not worry about it for the time being. Lets do it right instead of arguing, slinging insults and accusations and such.
    Ed, this is alot different than WW2 or Vietnam or Pearl Harbor in the fact these were civilians. Not soldiers or seamen.

  7. Ed Z Says:

    Of course it is a lot different than war memorials, but we really don’t have any other frame of reference.

  8. prying1 Says:

    I’m more concerned about the memorial being manufactured by the politically correct crowd than I am by it’s eventual appearance or even the time frame in which it is set up.
    I could see them putting up something that would blame the victims for being in the wrong place at the wrong time as opposed to blaming the Islamo-facist terrorists…
    I do think the story should be told ON the memorial itself as opposed to just being on the brochures in the N.Y. hotel lobbies and airport visitor’s racks..
    Of course the P.C. crowd would not like either at all.
    Once again I say let them take their time.
    I also think that the property owners should not have their property taken from them but should approve the memorial and the space it takes. Unless the property is paid for at fair market value plus…

  9. Ed Z Says:

    I agree with everything you’ve said. A travesty like the 9/11 memorial in Arizona should never be allowed.
    Here is a link for those who haven’t heard of this:

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