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Photo of the Day

Photo of the Day

Posted on 29 November 2007 by Ed Z

I think someone misplaced something.

: This photo provided by the Florida Highway Patrol shows a State
Police cruiser covered with bags of marijuana…

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Jason Whitlock on Sean Taylor

Posted on 29 November 2007 by Ed Z

once again

The Black KKK claimed
another victim, a high-profile professional football player with a
checkered past this time.

No, we don’t know for
certain the circumstances surrounding Taylor’s death. I could very
well be proven wrong for engaging in this sort of aggressive
speculation. But it’s no different than if you saw a fat man fall
to the ground clutching his chest. You’d assume a heart attack,
and you’d know, no matter the cause, the man needed to lose

Well, when shots are fired
and a black man hits the pavement, there’s every statistical
reason to believe another black man pulled the trigger. That’s not
some negative, unfair stereotype. It’s a reality we’ve been living
with, tolerating and rationalizing for far too long.

When the traditional, white
KKK lynched, terrorized and intimidated black folks at a slower
rate than its modern-day dark-skinned replacement, at least we had
the good sense to be outraged and in no mood to contemplate
rationalizations or be fooled by distractions.

Our new millennium strategy
is to pray the Black KKK goes away or ignores us. How’s that

Love him or hate him, Whitlock
certainly stimulates discussion
.  I’d like to see him get some more
media attention because the things he writes need to be discussed.

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Pat Sajak Gets It

Posted on 28 November 2007 by Ed Z

Finally, someone in
Hollywood who can smell the coffee.

Does anyone decide which
candidate to choose based on the recommendation of a TV talk show
host or a singer/actress? If any group of citizens is uniquely
unqualified to tell someone else how to vote, it’s those of us
who live in the sheltered, privileged arena of celebrityhood. It’s
one thing to buy an ab machine because Chuck Norris recommends it
(he’s in good shape, isn’t he?) or a grill because George
Foreman’s name is on it (he’s a great guy, so it must be a
great grill!), but the idea of choosing the Leader of the Free
World based on the advice of someone who lives in the cloistered
world of stardom seems a bit loony to me.

Via Drudge

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Pause, Reflection and Thanks

Posted on 22 November 2007 by Ed Z

Outside, it is quiet. Uncommon for my neighborhood, but not so on a holiday.
When I woke up I looked out my front window and the only pedestrians were the
leaves strolling across the street. Though I know a few hundred thousand people
are watching a parade several miles from me, I feel as if my city is on pause.
And for a short time, people can stand still and watch instead of buzzing
around. It lends itself to reflection.

What words can express the feelings you have when you look around and realize
everyone and everything you are surrounded by is filled with love?

I am thankful for my wife.

I am thankful for my family and friends.

I am thankful for living in a country protected by the finest men and women
on the planet.

I am thankful to God.

Later, when I’m stuffed with food and watching football, I will give thanks
again, for being able to do such things with the people I love.

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Happy Thanksgiving

Posted on 21 November 2007 by Ed Z


For each new morning with its light,
For rest and shelter of the night,
For health and food,
For love and friends,
For everything Thy goodness sends.

- Ralph Waldo Emerson (1803-1882)

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Thanksgiving Funny

Posted on 20 November 2007 by Ed Z

I’ve just had several cheesecake-brownies and a large coffee, I’m buzzing.

Americans Enjoying Thanksgiving Tradition Of Sitting Around At Airport


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Capitalism At Its Finest

Posted on 19 November 2007 by Ed Z

Maybe this will catch
on around the globe

The king of Spain’s recent
undiplomatic outburst at the Venezuelan president has become a
ringtone hit across Spain. An estimated 500,000 people have
downloaded the insult featuring the words "Why don’t you shut
up?", generating a reported 1.5m euros ($2m).

King Juan Carlos asked Hugo
Chavez to "shut up" at a summit in Chile last week after
the president said Spain’s ex-PM Jose Maria Aznar was a

Via Drudge

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23 or 34 or Something

Posted on 16 November 2007 by Ed Z

Bramble sent me a link to The
Dissident Frogman’s celebration of Al Gore’s math
.  Check out the video
and article.

Relax, and don’t forget what Al Gore the
Witchdoctor is carefully not telling you. Non exhaustively: that his computer
models are regularly proven wrong, that we’re coming out of a little Ice Age
(which tends to explain why it is a bit warmer than it used to be), that even if
the Arctic ice is melting, the Antarctic is getting colder (meaning that global
warming is not even global), that CO2 is a consequence, not a cause of warming,
that if some glaciers are melting, others right next to them are advancing, and
that compared to the 1930s and 1000 AD, it’s actually getting rather cold these

If you haven’t been to The
Dissident Frogman
, do so.

I think he has come up with a phrase that, with any luck, will
catch on: "Global warming is normal warming."

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Leadership is Listening

Leadership is Listening

Posted on 16 November 2007 by Ed Z

Bramhall, New York Daily News 11/16/07

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Ho Ho Ho…

Posted on 15 November 2007 by Ed Z

Thanks to LM  for sending me this one.  Let’s
put this in the "you have got to be kidding" file

Sydney’s Santa Clauses have
instead been instructed to say "ha ha ha" instead, the
Daily Telegraph reported.

One disgruntled Santa told
the newspaper a recruitment firm warned him not to use "ho ho
ho" because it could frighten children and was too close to
"ho", a US slang term for prostitute.

Might as well ditch the red suit too, it does make him look like
a pimp.

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