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Just Another Subway Ride…

Just Another Subway Ride…

Posted on 28 February 2007 by Ed Z

I’ve lived in New York my whole life, and most of the time you can just do
your thing and pretty much be left alone.  Everyone knows that this city is
Democrat owned so it isn’t easy being a conservative in the belly of the
beast.  On a regular basis you’ll be assailed with colorful
or clever t-shirts, but
you just have to carry on.  If you’re lucky enough to walk around Union
Square, you may have someone with a bullhorn selling those mentioned items.

 Just tonight I saw this poster from Manhattan Mini Storage:

The button says "I Love Halliburton" if you can’t make it
out.  So now I have to read this garbage.  It just never ends.

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Assassination Attempt on Cheney & Left’s Reaction

Posted on 27 February 2007 by Ed Z

terrorists try and kill our Vice President
and some are disappointed they

Via Rush

RUSH: A friend of mine in
California sent me this copy of an instant message chat that he
had with a comedy writer of a prominent late-night American talk
show. He will not tell me which show, but he said, "You’re
free to use this. Just don’t try and figure out what show. I’m not
going to tell you what show it is. I’m not going to give you the
guy’s name. It’s probably more than one show anyway."


COMEDY WRITER: if cheney
wasnt such a p****–he’d get killed and bring some happiness to
the country and i would have a much needed day off bloated f***
cant do anything right

What does it say about the left, when they identify more with
jihadists, cheering their attempt and lamenting their failure?

Michelle Malkin has more on Assassination
chic, Cheney edition

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NHL Trade Deadline

Posted on 27 February 2007 by Ed Z

The NHL trading deadline is 3 pm today.  If you’re a fan of hockey check
out Spector’s Hockey for all the
latest on trades and rumors.

So far the biggest trades have been the Blues sending Billy Guerin to the
Sharks, Sabres goalie Martin Biron going to the Flyers and the Penguins getting
Gary Roberts from the Panthers.

The New
York Post
reported yesterday that the Rangers may be willing to part with
Jaromir Jagr for the right package.

As a Rangers fan, I would be in favor of this trade if they could get a
package of prospects and picks.  The Rangers are seven points behind eighth
place Montreal for a playoff spot and aren’t playing inspired hockey.


Here is an updated
of all the trades today.

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Turning Tricks for Hollywood

Posted on 25 February 2007 by Ed Z

The Democrats are pimps and all the Hollywood liberals are their
whores.  Selling themselves to remain an accepted part of that
lifestyle.  Play the game, speak the lines you’re given, and you’ll get
your piece of the action.

At ‘Spirit Awards,’ Star of ABC’s ‘Ugly Betty’ Quips U.S. Won’t Be ‘Free’ Until
Bush Gone

It just goes on and on.

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George Lopez’s HBO Special

Posted on 25 February 2007 by Ed Z

I decided to watch George Lopez’s HBO special last night, America’s
and I was surprised at the intensity of the venom put forth from the
first word until I decided this wasn’t for me. That was probably fifteen minutes

In his efforts to address
illegal aliens
he managed to alienate part of his audience by insisting new
Americans were a antagonistic force, not, as I believe, when done legally are a
force of progression.

"The America we used to know is gone.
It doesn’t exist anymore. You know who’s running America?" he asked, then
paused while mariachi music blared.

"That’s who’s running America."

Lopez’s has whole bit on Governor Schwarzenegger, scolding him for his
proposed English-only law, when, as we all know, Arnold has a tough time with
English himself. But it doesn’t make sense, because we’re not asking people to
speak English perfectly, but just try, exactly what Arnold did when he came to
this country.

As I mentioned, I didn’t get much further so I don’t know if he wrapped a
pretty bow around this whole thing. It was obvious he was catering to one
specific audience, whose cheers and laughs were more a support of his burning
people in comedy effigy rather than it being truly funny.

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NBA All-Star Cimefest

Posted on 22 February 2007 by Ed Z

I am not a fan of basketball, pro or college, but I couldn’t avoid reading
about the disastrous All-Star Weekend.  AOL
Sports’ Jason Whitlock
writes about what the event has become.

All-Star Weekend Vegas
screamed that the NBA is aligned too closely with thugs. Stern is
going to have to take drastic measures to break that
perception/reality. All-Star Weekend can no longer remain the
Woodstock for parolees, wannabe rap artists and baby’s mamas on
tax-refund vacations.

He goes as far as to suggest NBA commissioner David Stern should
move the whole event out of the country, stating he is "not sure [the NBA's
image] can survive the embarrassment of a New Orleans standoff between its fans
and the National Guard".

I’m not sure what the sport can do to shed this image of a game
filled with thugs and criminals,  it may be too late for any rescue.

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Introducing The Book

Posted on 18 February 2007 by Ed Z

Everyone needs help when it is time to upgrade.


The video was removed from YouTube, and has caused a stir.


Found another version with subtitles.

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Ten Years Later the Truth Emerges

Posted on 18 February 2007 by Ed Z

On Sunday, February 23, 1997 a gunman
opened fire
on the observation deck of the Empire State Building. 
Seven people were shot, one died, and for the last ten years Ali Abu Kamal’s
family denied there was any political motivation behind the shooting…that is,
until now.

Ali Abu Kamal’s relatives say they are
tired of lying about why the Palestinian opened fire on the observation deck of
Empire State Building, killing a tourist and injuring six other people before
committing suicide. Kamal’s widow insisted after the shooting spree that the
attack was not politically motivated. She said that her husband had become
suicidal after losing $300,000 in a business venture.

But in a stunning admission, Kamal’s
48-year-old daughter Linda told the Daily News that her dad wanted to punish the
U.S. for supporting Israel – and revealed her mom’s 1997 account was a cover
story crafted by the Palestinian Authority.

There are two possibilities as to why the family has changed their
story.  One, the obvious, that they had lied all these years and the attack
was politically motivated, or two, it has become advantageous for the family to
admit as much.  The latter would signal a popular edge to supporting our
enemies, which these days would not be surprising.

Look back at the Arab American Institute’s Washington
article on the shooting, praising the media for not sensationalizing
the story.  Stating the New York Post was "exemplary in its
treatment" because "no mention was made of Mr. Abu Kamal’s
Palestinian or Arab nationality".

While all the major papers carried pieces
on the victims, lax security, and gun laws, and extensive and sensitive pieces
on Abu Kamal’s descent into madness and violence and the reaction of his
family, only the New York Times reprinted, in full, the note left by Abu Kamal
in which he described his anger and desire for revenge. Since the letter
included references to Zionism and the loss of Palestinian rights, it could have
been exploited and sensationalized.

But the New York Times published it in
full and in its accompanying article made clear that the letter described not a
terrorist but a profoundly disturbed man who had descended into despair, and
insane violence.

So for ten years we managed to fool ourselves and pretend that
this was just some crazy guy with no agenda, while sympathizers and apologists
praised us for looking the other way.

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Twenty-four Reasons I’m Not a Republican

Posted on 18 February 2007 by Zorro

Here’s the latest

DE-Rep. Michael N. Castle

FL-Rep. Ric Keller

IL-Reps. Timothy V. Johnson & Mark Kirk

MD-Rep. Wayne Gilchrest

ME-Sens. Susan M. Collins & Olympia J. Snow

MI-Sen. Norm Coleman & Rep. Fred Upton

MN-Rep. Jim Ramstad

NE-Sen. Chuck Hagel

NY-Rep. Jim Walsh

NC-Reps. Howard Coble & Walter B. Jones

OH-Rep. Steven C. LaTourette

OR-Sen. Gordon H. Smith

PA-Sen. Arlen Specter & Rep. Phil English

SC-Rep. Bob Inglis

TN-Rep. John J. Duncan, Jr.

TX-Rep. Ron Paul

VA-Sen. John Warner & Rep. Tom Davis

WI-Rep. Thomas Petri

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Al Qaeda Leader in Iraq Wounded

Posted on 15 February 2007 by Ed Z

is running the story:

The leader of al Qaeda in
Iraq has been wounded and his top aide killed in a clash with
police, an Iraqi Interior Ministry spokesman told CNN Thursday.

The spokesman said Iraqi
police encountered an insurgent group on the road between Falluja
and Samarra and, in a firefight, wounded Abu Ayyub al-Masri.

Abu Abdullah al-Majamiai,
al-Masri’s top aide, was killed, he said.

has updates.

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